Warranty Information

Our products and workmanship is something we take pride in!

Manufacturer Warranty

We exclusively work with stains from Stain & Seal Experts in all of their beautifully-colored, high-quality stains in semi-transparent, transparent, and semi-solid oil-based stains. Depending on the specific stain you choose, you will receive a manufacturer warranty to cover your purchase, anywhere from 1-year to 3-year guarantees.

Workmanship Warranty

We take pride in the work that we do and have never had a callback! Just in case, we do provide a 30 day warranty on our staining services in case of any issues that may arise on the work itself. This will cover any areas that may not have a full coating or for any areas that were missed from the original scope of work. Our products are highly durable and will protect your wooden structures well.