Installing a wood fence or deck on your property was likely an investment you made in order to showcase a beautiful outdoor space for friends and family.  Staining and sealing the wood is an important step in safeguarding your investment as well as maintaining the life of your fence or deck. The fence staining experts at Richmond Stain have compiled a list of the top benefits that make staining your fence or deck an essential next step! Keep reading to find out more about the process and the top-quality products we use for our staining services!

Key Benefits of Staining and Sealing in Richmond, VA

The best way to extend the life of your residential wood fence or deck is by applying a quality stain and sealant to your natural wood structure. Our staining services will enhance the appearance of your fence or deck by providing an array of options and colors to choose from that will match the beauty of your home and outdoor space. While improving the appearance of your structure is important, the biggest advantages of staining come in the form of the protection they provide for your outdoor wood structure.


As a professional Richmond, VA fence staining company, Richmond Stain proudly uses the highest quality staining and sealing products on the market from the Stain & Seal Experts – Professional Wood Care line. Take a look at the incredible benefits of these products, which ensure maximum protection for your fence or deck:

Protection From the Effects of Weather

The weather extremes in the Richmond area can really impact the appearance and longevity of your wood fence or deck. Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause the wood to deteriorate or become discolored, but our stain and sealing product has a UV protectant that will preserve the longevity of your investment. 


During the rainy spring season, or the cold, wet winter, water can permeate your wood fence or deck which can cause rot to quickly set in. Our oil-based products repel water and offer protection from the damage and decay that water can cause.

Structural Integrity and Protection With Oil-Based Stains

An unprotected fence that is exposed to the elements can twist or warp, compromising the health and integrity of your wooden structure. With our stain and seal service, we use oil-based stains that go deep into the core of the wood to preserve it. 


Unlike water-based products that sit on top of the wood or evaporate, our deep penetrating oil-based stains provide deep penetration and conditioning protection for your wood structure, enhancing its lifespan, and keeping it looking its best.

An Array of Colors and Tints to Choose From

The colors available for our fence stain products are dependent on the type of stain you choose and can vary depending on what is currently in stock. However, you’re sure to find the perfect color to enhance your outdoor aesthetic from our large collection of popular colors!  Clear and translucent hues are available, made to highlight the natural beauty and color of your wood fence to come through. However, bear in mind that the lighter the stain color, the more frequently it will need to be reapplied to preserve your fence or deck. Our semi-transparent stains include more pigment and may only need to be refreshed every 3-5 years. Our semi-solid stains have the highest pigment content and will give superior color retention and protection. 


Our self-leveling, oil-based stains make it simple to get a smooth finish on your fence or deck without leaving streaks or runs. They can also cover slight imperfections in your wood fence. Check out the entire line of premium, high-quality stains online at our staining services page, or take a look at our photo gallery to see examples of our wood staining projects for inspiration!

Environmentally Friendly Fence Stains

Our products have low VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels, which are found in many building materials and contribute to the new paint or stain smell which can be harmful to people and the environment. We make sure our products are lower in these harmful ingredients for a more environmentally friendly impact, keeping our customers and their families safe. 

Our Products are Guaranteed to Satisfy Your Wood Staining Needs

Our Richmond, VA fence staining company is part of the First Step Fence family so we can help with your fence or deck project needs from start to finish – from fence design and installation to sealing and protecting your investment.  All of their beautifully colored, high-quality oil-based stains are backed by a manufacturer warranty to cover your purchase, anywhere from 1-year to 3-year guarantees based on the product you choose. And although we’ve never had a callback, we do offer an additional 30-day workmanship warranty for any issue that may arise.

Call the Richmond, VA Fence Staining Company Experts to Start Your Project Today!

The Richmond, VA wood staining specialists at Richmond Stain Company are ready to help answer all of your questions about staining your fence or deck project. From choosing the perfect stain color to providing an accurate estimate for your project, our specialists are always available to answer your call. You can reach us at (804) 306-0492 and our courteous and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you!